How to track your Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders

Easily track your MCF orders and provide customers their tracking information.

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Fast, reliable shipping services are critical to providing a great customer experience for your ecommerce business. In a recent survey, 73% of customers said that shipping has a large impact on their purchase decision. Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) is designed for on-time delivery and recently made improvements to ship customer orders faster. With MCF orders for inventory in stock with Amazon in the UK, you can pick your delivery speed: Standard (3-5 days) or Expedited (1-2 days).

Once your order ships, take advantage of MCF’s easy order tracking, and get your customers the tracking information they need. In this article, learn how to:

Track your orders

You can track your orders in a few different ways.

1. On Seller Central

Once you place an MCF order, you can find tracking information in Seller Central. See all of your orders and tracking on the “Manage Orders” page.

  1. From the top navigation of Seller Central, select the “Orders” drop down.
  2. Select the “Manage Orders” option.
  3. Enter the order ID in the search bar to locate your order.

If you click on an order, you can see the specific “Order Details” page. On this page, you can check your order’s shipping details, including the carrier. If the order has been shipped, you can see the tracking number associated with the shipment, which links to the Swiship tracking website.

Screenshot of Seller Central portal with tracking information

2. Using Tracking Integration

MCF added the ability to track through AfterShip to ensure that all carriers, including Amazon Logistics, are trackable on popular channels like Etsy and Wish. If you’re using a Shopify website, orders that are fulfilled by Amazon Logistics are trackable on Shopify. Your customers will receive a direct link to track.amazon.co.uk in their Shopify order confirmation page, and see up-to-date information specific to their tracking number. Amazon Logistics tracking information continues to be available on Swiship as well.

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3. Through a Tracking API

Through our Selling Partner API, you can use the “GetPackageTrackingDetails” API, which provides all tracking IDs in an MCF order (not just the first shipment), and links to the shipment’s Swiship.com page. Learn more about the tracking API by reading the developer documentation.

4. Directly on Swiship.co.uk

Swiship.co.uk is the tool that tracks all MCF orders for all carriers MCF may use. It also shows tracking for all packages in an order. Search Swiship using any MCF tracking number to get tracking information, or send your customers a direct link to their Swiship tracking page. If you provide MCF your customer’s email when creating an order, MCF will email your customer a shipment confirmation email with a link to their shipment’s Swiship tracking page.

Screenshot of Swiship.com tracking information

Tracking support

Questions about tracking your order? Contact support.


MCF uses a variety of carriers including Amazon Logistics. You do not need to select carriers as MCF will select the carrier that will deliver your order at the customer speed you require (Standard or Expedited), fully tracked.

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