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Use Rithum as your single solution for ecommerce business management, and integrate with MCF for fast order fulfilment.

How it works

Manage your multi-channel business by easily keeping track of inventory levels, customer orders, and tracking information across your online sales channels. Rithum automatically syncs your Amazon inventory quantities with your channels, sending MCF orders directly to Amazon for fulfilment and routing tracking details back to your channel for customers.

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How to connect

Get started with Rithum and MCF

  1. Once you have started using MCF, sign up for Rithum.
  2. List the products in your Amazon inventory on Rithum.
  3. Enable MCF for off-Amazon channels by navigating to “Products”, selecting “Settings & Tools”, then “Inventory Management”, then “Distribution Centers”, and then click the “Priority” tab.
  4. Then, you will be able to view your multi-channel orders for all sales channels.

To fulfil orders in unbranded packaging

  1. Prioritize MCF for fulfilment of off-Amazon orders and configure unbranded packaging options to enable Rithum to pull unbranded packaging inventory quantity into your Rithum account.
  2. If more than one distribution center is enabled for a channel, you can prioritize distribution centers based on your business rules.
  3. Monitor products with unbranded packaging inventory and view available quantities by SKU or export to a file.

For more information about how to fulfill MCF orders with unbranded packaging using Rithum click here (Rithum login required).


Questions? For more information about the Rithum integration and to see a demo, go here.

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