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Use the WebBee integration to automatically fulfil your Shopify and eBay orders using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) and manage your business with real-time inventory and order updates.


Leverage Amazon’s fulfilment network to deliver your Shopify orders using the WebBee integration. Get fast, reliable ecommerce fulfilment and gain operational efficiencies, while also enjoying the following benefits:

  • Access to new MCF features - Automatically send your customer orders in unbranded packaging.
  • Real-time data - Sync order information, including customer shipping details, in real-time across channels.
  • Both single and multiple item shipment tracking – Ensure your customer orders are fully trackable, and have automatic shipping confirmation emails sent to your customers.
  • Display promise delivery dates - Show dynamic delivery dates in your Shopify checkout to improve your customers’ checkout experience.

Learn more about the WebBee integration, and see a full list of features.

How it works

Watch a demo of the WebBee integration to see the dashboard, order log, and more. If you start using WebBee, your monthly fee will be waived for 3 months using the code WB6MSPL.

Set up your account

  1. Check three Shopify settings before starting by following these instructions.
  2. Add the WebBee app to your Shopify store by following these instructions.
  3. Read the WebBee app onboarding overview to complete the setup process follow the steps.
  4. Learn how to use these additional features:

    1. SKU mapping: Map different Shopify and Amazon SKUs for the same product.
    2. Quantity bundle mapping: Map different quantities of the same product between Shopify and Amazon (i.e. 1 product on Shopify will ship 3 products on Amazon).
    3. Product bundle mapping: Map multiple Amazon SKUs to 1 or more Shopify SKUs (i.e. SKU B108 = SKU B108, SKU B103, and SKU 301).
    4. Out-of-stock quantity buffer: Avoid overselling your products to avoid overselling your Shopify.
    5. Sync orders, inventory, and tracking: Ensure information is synced between Shopify & Amazon.

Add additional Amazon marketplaces

  1. Navigate to the “Configuration” page, and expand “Marketplace Settings.”
  2. Click on the “Add Additional Marketplace” button.
  3. Select your preferred Amazon marketplace from the Amazon marketplace drop-down menu. After you select one, you will see “Find the link for the app in Amazon Marketplace Appstore (You should be logged in Amazon Seller Central)” above the Amazon Marketplace drop-down menu, then click on the link. Note: Make sure to log in to the corresponding Amazon Seller Central account, before clicking the link.
  4. Click on the “Authorise Now” button for Amazon-UK (example: United Kingdom).
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions. Once complete, you will see a success message.

Learn more about adding additional Amazon marketplaces.

Dashboard page

WebBee dashboard screenshot

Order log page

WebBee order log page screenshot

  • Connect to eBay - Automate your order fulfilment process by integrating Amazon MCF by WebBee with your eBay store in only a few clicks. Save time by eliminating the need to manually create MCF orders, and delight your customers with fast, reliable fulfilment.
  • Get advanced notice of estimated delivery date - Build customer trust with WebBee’s functionality that allows you to display estimated delivery dates.
  • Competitive pricing - Enjoy simple and affordable pricing plans. Learn more about WebBee pricing here.
  • Operational efficiency – Eliminate the need to dedicate time and resources to storing inventory, and picking, packing, and shipping orders. Our app makes it more efficient for you to fulfil orders on eBay (or any other channel). Let Amazon handle your logistics operations while you focus on growing your business.
  • Simplified inventory management – Leverage automatic inventory placement to position products closer to your customers and reduce order fulfilment times.
  • Manage Shipping Costs - Use the WebBee app to sync your shipping costs to your orders or elect to offer flat-rate or free shipping options
  • Pooled inventory - Streamline your inventory management by consolidating your stock into a single pool that you can use for all your orders. Amazon sellers can fulfil orders from off-Amazon channels using their FBA inventory.
How it works

Connect your eBay Store with Amazon MCF by WebBee app

Setup your WebBee account

  1. Click here to find a registration link to sign up.
  2. Post signup, refer to the overview page for help and guide on further setup.
  3. Alternatively, you can book a demo meeting with us.

Add the WebBee app to your eBay store

  1. Open our app after “sign-in” from here.
  2. Post sign-in click, “Channels” and select “Create a new user Account.”
  3. Add eBay “Account Name” and select marketplace “Account Location” for same eBay account.
  4. For example, if you are adding AU eBay as an account. Click “connect.”
  5. Add the current date for last order fetch date and click “re-authenticate.”

Link your Amazon MCF account

  1. To add your preferred Amazon MCF account, select the account and then click “Save and Authenticate.”
  2. After your Amazon MCF account is authenticated, your account will be connected to eBay. You can begin using the app after new live eBay orders have synced.


Dashboard overview to find below options:

  1. Today’s orders
  2. Last 7 days orders
  3. Total Orders
  4. Total Unsync orders
Screenshot of WebBee ebay dashboard options


Find the orders for an eBay account as per the date range selected or all orders.

Screenshot of order list for WebBee ebay orders


  • Unlimited order syncing - Effortlessly manage and sync an unlimited number of orders – so that you can automate your fulfilment operations and save time.
  • Automatic inventory management - Sync your Amazon inventory with TikTok in real-time, so you can focus on growing your business instead of managing your inventory.
  • Shipment tracking support - Enable real-time tracking of multiple shipments.
  • Streamlined workflows - Link your products using their SKUs, making it easy for you to showcase your Amazon inventory and sell directly on TikTok.
  • Out-of-Stock quantity support – Maintain optimal inventory levels by setting custom buffer quantities, ensuring your products are always available – even during peak shopping season.
How it works

With Amazon MCF by WebBee, you can effortlessly manage inventory, and automatically fulfil orders from TikTok. This integration can help you boost your efficiency and help your customers receive their orders on time. Plus, it provides real-time tracking and order management.

How to connect to TikTok

  1. Sign up and install the app from the TikTok shop.
  2. Choose the TikTok account type and authorize the WebBee integration.
  3. Complete the required information for user registration and link the Amazon Seller Central account.
  4. Activate the sync toggles as needed for orders, inventory, and tracking synchronization.

Issues connecting your TikTok store

If you encounter issues connecting your TikTok store with WebBee, click here.


Questions? For more information about WebBee integration troubleshooting, use the WebBee support page or reach out to WebBee using the live chat.

This application is offered by a third-party service provider that is not affiliated with Amazon. The information we are providing on this page is solely testimonial. Use the information if you feel it is helpful.

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